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My aim is to serve humanity. Life is too short ( not long enough ) to accomplish my aim . Nature is ruthless. It gives you what you give to the nature. Birth, Education, Marriage and Death are different stages of Cosmic Life . We have to act as per wishes of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector), and Mahesh / Shiva (Destructor / Killer) and then take rebirth with the help of Brahma and follow the same cycle of birth to death ( One may attain different level of energy in next birth due to unknown scientific factors) or get salvation or Moksha. Moksha means bond of Amino Acids are broken and Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen are separated or liberated. Life exists in Carbon ( Fire or Sun Rays ), Hydrogen ( Water or clouds ), Oxygen ( Air ). Nitrogen may be Earth or may be an element to help woman to create. We know Nitrogen and Protein are co-related. Bio Informatics shall help to confirm my theory. It shall prove that woman is an incubator. Bio Machine or Atman has no religion, no nationality and no boundaries. These are created by human beings , who are greedy, egoist, or proud or jealous etc.

"The knowledge was passed on to the chosen ones who had the inclination as well as the capacity to decipher the codes in the Upanisadic slokas and who had the integrity to pass it on to the next generations. Thus the values, the wisdom and precious pearls of truth continued to be handed over from generation to generation.

page2d-mThe sceneries of the living process are undergoing drastic changes. The people who lived their lives in pre-ordained roles as warriors, craftsmen, traders and priests and led the machinery of the society, well oiled by their respective occupations, and imbibed the truths of the Sastras in their living. The fine subtle layers and rhythms of the society are all shredded away. By opening of the windows to the wild winds which bring both good and bad in fresh gusts continuously, the rhythm has changed for sure. But the new order has yet to be established. In this age of transition, where there is a bombardment of information with the entire mass of the population, trying to grapple with both trivial and grave ideas in the same breath, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sieve the essentials for proper and worthy living. The bombardment starts right from the cradle, and by the time the youth reach their prime they carry several encyclopedias of knowledge on diverse subjects. In all the din it is indeed difficult to differentiate between vidya and avidya as our seers have described knowledge. Any knowledge which leads to the understanding of Brahman, which alone is the truth in this universe of appearances, is true vidya or education, and all the rest of knowledge is grouped under avidya: “non-essential knowledge.”

Ramakrishna taught him Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism) and that all religions are true, and service to man was the most effective worship of God. disseminating Vedanta and Yoga in America,

If there is ever to be a universal religion it would be one that would occur within the confines of a palace of no location or time. This palace will be infinite and within these walls God will preach its holy sum. Its warm rays will shine down upon the followers of Krishna, Mohammed, Christ, Buddhists, and all teachers alike. These walls will ever grow to encompass the infinite space of the soothing heart. This religion will know that every virtue of man is to be held and witnessed all from the grovelling savage not far removed from the brute, to the highest man. It will be here that standing still, towered by the virtues of his head and heart will he remain making society stand in awe of him. It will be his religion where there shall be no space for persecution or intolerance within its politic. It will be a place which will recognize its divinity in every man and woman and whose whole scope and force will be centered in aiding humanity to realize its own true point.

Each Religion is a Path

This "sum total" of all religions does not mean that all people on earth have to come under the banner of one prophet or worship one aspect of God. If Christ is true, Krishna and Buddha are also true. Let there be many teachers, many scriptures; let there be churches, temples, and synagogues. Every religion is a path to reach the same goal. When the goal is reached the Christian, the Jew, the Islamist, the Hindu, and the Buddhist realize that each has worshiped the same Reality. One who has attained this knowledge is no longer a follower of a particular path or a particular religion. He has become a man of God and a blessing to mankind.

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